Most people get what most people get. And most people start with WHAT they want. WHAT results they wish to achieve when they actively pursue a health and fitness program. Fat loss, muscle gain, flexibility, lower risk factors for disease. They are all WHATs.

For whatever reason, most people fail because they focus on WHAT results they want.

It all starts with clarity.

The simplest, yet most crucial part of obtaining your optimal health is knowing your WHY. You have to know WHY you do WHAT you do. WHY do you want to change? WHY will you sweat? WHY will you push yourself outside your comfort zone? WHY do you want a different results to what you are currently getting?

The WHATs are important – they provide the tangible proof of WHY – but WHY must come first. Starting with WHY has a profound and long-lasting impact on your result.

To better understand your WHY, you should understand ours. If we can’t clearly articulate WHY we exist, how can you define yours?. Here is our WHY:

To inspire others to be greater than yesterday.

Starting with WHY is just the beginning. There is still work to be done before you get WHAT you want. You need to know HOW to go about it.